Rokosan ltd. (mother company of Rokovia ltd.) produces a range of organic fertilizers in both liquid and solid form. The main product line is composed by ROKOHUMIN LIQUID organic fertilizer, which contains a complete set of amino, humic and fulvic acids; ROKOACTIV stimulating seed treatment; ROKOLAN amino-acid soil treatment and ROKOHUMIN LOOSE fertilizer based on hooves and horns.


ROKOHUMIN LIQUID brings customers the results of research and development in the area of hazardous organic waste processing into ecological products through waste-free technology. The method consists of processing feathers from poultry into liquid organic fertilizers. It is a unique solution based on patented technology of processing raw materials into high quality organic fertilizer. The advantage is not only that product is environmentally friendly, but also its high positive impact on soil quality, its regeneration and enrichment, unlike many inorganic fertilizers used today.


ROKOAKTIV is an organic stimulating agent acting as a germination activator with a simulating effect on rooting and an initial plant growth phase. ROKOAKTIV prevents the negative impact of the grain treatment, increases the percentage of germination of the seeds and ensures a better start in the initial growth phase due to the better development of the root system and the starting dose of nutrients with a high content of amino acid


ROKOHUMIN LOOSE is organic fertilizer, suitable for all types of crops. As main benefits it binds toxic metals in soil and thereby prevent their accumulation in plants; promotes germination and viability of plants and pest resistance; allows reception of macro and micro nutrients by root system; regulates the water regime in the soil and enriches the soil with microorganisms. Organic nitrogen prevents the buildup of noxious nitrates in crops and prevents unwanted contamination of groundwater by nitrates.


ROKOLAN is a basic fertilizer based on organic substances for root nutrition of the crops. Its effects ensure a better start in the early growth phase of the plant, due to improved root system development and due to a high-volume dose of nutrients with high content of amino acids

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