ROKOVIA & REAVIA continue to develop original vision of founders of ROKOSAN to build factory for organic fertilizer in every country with abundance of raw material. However, the original idea was updated various factors such as climate change. We promote its solution for self sufficient organic agriculture and food production with minimization of its carbon footprint thanks to the utilization of renewable sources of energy and raw materials for their production.


Republic of Rwanda
Republic of Niger
Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Republic of Kenya
United Republic of Tanzania
Arab Republic of Egypt
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
People Republic of China
Federal Republic of Nigeria


Our representatives attended business trip to Kigali, Rwanda between December 1, 2019 to December 5, 2019. Goal of the business trip was to implement Rokosan products on the local market with the assistance of our longtime partner Owenzo Business Group ltd. represented by Mr. Cedric Karamba

During a business trip, our representatives met with Minister of Agriculture Geraldine Mukeshimana, Deputy CEO of Rwandan Development Board Zephanie Niyonkuru along with representatives of Rwandan Agricultural Board.

The business trip resulted in the establishment of a subsidiary Rokosan Rwanda. The partners agreed on the supply of fertilizer and construction of the first ROKOSAN factory in Rwanda. Next step is construction Slovak Industrial Park near Kigali.

In May 2020 we established joint venture ROKOSAN RWANDA with the goal of construction of Slovak Innovative Industrial Park in Rwanda. In first phase, we are planning to build an organic fertilizer plant with collection points of raw material across the country.

ROKOVIA is recipient of official subsidy for project SAMRS/2020/PPP/1/12 “Promoting the sustainable and equitable socio-economic development of the Republic of Rwanda through interventions in the treatment of hazardous animal waste into amino acid fertilizers, food security and business support, raising the standard of living and health of the population” from Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation.

On 6th of November 2020 Rokovia and Owenzo Business Group organized Slovak-Rwandan Agricultural Forum. Participants were part of the video-conference regarding utilization of organic fertilizers and their importance for sustainable agriculture.

Participants from Slovakia were representatives from companies Rokovia, Rokosan, RWA and education institutions – Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice.

Participants from Rwanda were representatives from Owenzo Business Group, RDB, RAB, NAEB, MOAM and various farmer cooperatives.

On 16th of November our partners in Rwanda received shipment of marketing and proportional materials along with samples of fertilizers as part of Slovak Aid program. Samples will be distributed to the farmers and various organizations for field trials.

In the beginning of December 2020, our team started preparation for field trials in various regions of Rwanda. Our products are to be tested on Maize, Coffee, Potato, Beans, Cucumber and Tomato.


Our representatives attended business trip to Niamey, Niger between September 9, 2019 to September 14, 2019. Goal of the business trip was to implement Rokosan products on the local market with the assistance of our longtime partner EAM ltd. represented by Mr. Abarchi Moussa and his son Mr. Yacine Moussa.

During a business trip, our representatives met with Minister of Industry Malam Zaneida Amirou, Minister of Agriculture Bazoum Mohamed and Advisor to President Alma Oumara.

The business trip resulted in the establishment of a subsidiary Rokosan Niger. The partners agreed on the supply of fertilizer and construction of the first ROKOSAN factory in Niger. Next steps are construction of solar power plant and Slovak Industrial Park in Niamey.

December 2019 – Ambassador of Rokosan in Niger Mr. Boukar Issoufou Goni travels across the country and presents the effects of our products on local crops. Major part of our project is focus on the education of next generation of farmers and agronomists.

January 2020 – Field days in Tangaraoua, Diffa Region.

February 2020 – Exhibition in Niamey with assistance of our partners CENTRE AFRICAIN D’AGROBUSINESS and EAM.


In March 2019 we started our development in Equatorial Guinea. In cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture we started field tests on island Bioko Norte near capital Malabo.

Our representatives traveled to Malabo and Bata in Equatorial Guinea September 2019 to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Agriculture of Equatorial Guinea.

During a business trip our representatives met with Minister of Agriculture Nicolas Akapo. The memorandum of understanding was signed with the participation of the local media. The next step of Rokosan will be construction of the factory to supply the CEMAC countries with organic fertilizer and food.


Cooperation between Kenya and Rokovia started in September 2018, when delegation of Kenyan government representatives arrived to presentation of Kosice County Government about innovative Slovak companies. During this meeting we met with Dr. Ann Wanja, our representative in Eastern African region

In December 2018 our representatives traveled to Kiambu County in Kenya to start development of the project in Kenya. Results of the cooperation are field tests at Waruhiu Agricultural Centre in Kenya.

In September 2019 our representatives visited Kenya again to facilitate further development of the project in more Kenyan counties with help of Kenyan Investment Authority and Kajiado County government.


In September 2019 we started our partnership with Sero Lease and Finance from Dar Es Salaam represented by Dr. Victoria Kisyombe. Development of our project in Tanzania will be coordinated with Tanzanian Investment Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign and Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. Construction of our factory is bound to be near Dar Es Salaam.


In August 2019 we met with our partner Dr. Khalid Mubarak from Global Eagle ltd. and we facilitated development of our project in Egypt. Our plan is to build factory for organic fertilizer in Egypt to supply the Northern Africa and Middle East with our products.


In 2018 our representatives traveled to Addis Ababa to participate in Argus Africa Fertilizer 2018 event. During our visit to Ethiopia we started our cooperation with Mr. Wondwossen Belay, who coordinates development of our project. Representatives met with the Minister of Agriculture , Minister of Livestock and Fisheries and facilitated the start of certification process. We would like to thank HE Josef Cibula and HE Miroslav Lajcak for their assistance during our trip.


In 2017 our representatives visited Beijing during EU Gateway event. Rokosan was chosen as one of 40 companies among 100 000 European companies.

In 2019 we started cooperation with Chinese companies with assistance of Mr. Francis Lau from European Chinese Friendship Committee. Our plan is the construction of the factory in Liaoning province in cooperation with Huludao based companies.


Our trade relationship with Nigeria began in 2016. Our close trade relationship with partners in Bauchi led to establishment of Rokohumin shop.

In 2019 we negotiated with Mr. Ibrahim Saminu Turaki, former governor of Jigawa State the creation of joint venture for production of organic fertilizers and agricultural commodities.